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OPEIU Scholarships Now Available

You may have noticed a trend regarding many of the recent articles here being related to eductation; and this article doesn't break from that pattern.
Union members who are in good standing have several scholarship opportunities available to them from OPEIU, Local 30, the OPEIU International Office and the Union Plus program.



The Future of Labor and Work: LBST 4100

Good Morning...

After making the decison to return to school a few years ago, my studies have been keeping me rather busy and I thought others may find some of the course information interesting; particularly that from my recent labor studies course. So, my responses to assignments from throughout the course are available here.

...and in case I don't see you later, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!


How do we, as a membership, become more involved in our union?

I think itís important to preface this article by clarifying that I do not have any ill-will towards OPEIU International President Goodwin nor do I have any ill-will towards any other officers within the international.

I would like to address the idea of changing the process in which OPEIU international union officers are elected. Currently, these officers are elected by a vote of delegates who attend the internationalís tri-annual conventions. The delegates to this convention are comprised of appointed representatives from each local union and have one vote per one-hundred dues-paying members in their local union.

The reason that I suggest this change is in response to the democracy/representative democracy class discussions I was involved within during my recent Future of Labor and Work course at the National Labor College. The class as a whole seems to agree, based on our readings, that members of labor unions are likely to be more engaged in the processes of their labor union when we are able to be involved in decisions of our international (such as elections of officers whom determine the path of the union as a whole); we feel as though what we think matters. When we have that voice we tend to think of the union less as a "third party" and identity with it more as something of which we are an important part.


Supporting Politicians Who Support You

The J.B. Moss Voice Of The Electorate (VOTE) Fund is a political action fund which ensures OPEIU has the financial resources necessary to support pro-worker candidates, as well as to make our case on issues of importance in Washington D.C. and in local government. Please consider contacting our union and signing up for small but meaningful contributions of just $1 or $2 through automatic paycheck deductions.

You may also choose to make a contribution by check at any time (note that there is a $1,200 annual maximum limit):

JB Moss VOTE Fund
80 Eighth Avenue, Suite 610
New York, NY 10011


p.s. Here's a few reasons why your contributions are important

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